What's Your Gift?

creative doing obstacles Dec 09, 2018

I think everyone has a special gift, something that is theirs and theirs alone to realize, and to give. And yet, not everyone realizes their gift. What about you?

If you check in with yourself right now - the life you're living; the career you’re pursuing; your relationships; your hopes, dreams, and fears - what do you see? Are you realizing and giving your unique gift to the world?

If I’m honest with you (and I hesitate saying this, because it sure sounds immodest), I think my special gift is the ability to see the gifts of others! I think it led me to become a therapist, and it’s what I hope to offer you in my new online course and coaching program, “The More Creative Therapist” (beta launching in January).

Through my program, I hope to help you realize your special gift, using creativity as a vehicle for doing so.

During sessions as a therapist, I often find myself holding possibility for my clients. As therapists, we often use that word, “holding,” to mean gently maintaining a safe container for our clients. When I say “holding possibility,” I mean something else: I mean maintaining a steadfast faith in the hopes and dreams of my clients. A faith that is gentle and unassuming, without dogma or agenda even. It’s a space big enough to accommodate something surprising and new, yet small enough to feel comfortable, cozy even.

Do you hold possibility for your clients? For yourself? A space roomy enough for that special gift to emerge?

If not, ask yourself what might be standing in the way. Social pressures, self-doubt, entrenched habits, and conventional ways of knowing all have the power to dissuade us from recognizing the gifts of ourselves and others.

So if you’re feeling less than fully there in your own life, ask yourself if you’re realizing your special gift.

Chances are, possibility awaits.


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