Life is full of surprises that invite creative responses.

I'm grappling with that now as I decide how or whether to move forward with this platform, originally launched to help therapists, counselors, and coaches gain creative skills. Maybe you're at a similar crossroads. If you'd like to stay in touch, click the button below and I'll keep you posted. In the meanwhile, you might want to take a look at my past blog posts.
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I’m Loretta Staples, licensed clinical social worker, therapist, and coach. I've worked in community mental health and private practice for 15 years, with past careers in design, education, and management.

I'm interested in the power of creativity, especially within the "helping professions." Creativity helps us co-create inspired solutions. It builds confidence and courage as it restores our faith in ourselves and each other. We need creativity now more than ever.

I draw from a diverse portfolio of skills and life experiences, comfortable working in a variety of settings with people from all walks of life. I do my best to bring creativity, acceptance, ease, and humor to our work together.

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