A New Direction

A couple weeks ago I started something new. It was sudden and unplanned. In fact, it wildly disrupted the plans I had in place. Those plans included starting a new business. I was just wrapping up the beta launch of my online course and coaching program, something I wholeheartedly intended to be my focus for the next few years, and something I spent the past year and a half bringing into fruition.

But an opportunity fell into my lap, seemingly out of the blue. It took me by surprise. My plans were already in place, well-laid. I was committed to what I was doing. And I was doing what I enjoy:  creating something new, teaching online, engaging others, improvising, flying by the seat of my pants to invent a new product and service.

But an opportunity suddenly came my way:  a new job. I thought I was done being someone else’s employee. I was sure I wanted to do my own thing, as I have at times in the past. I’m an entrepreneur at heart. But the opportunity thrilled me, and it was filled with all the right stuff:  vision, service, smarts - the core ingredients of a start-up, with all its heady excitement.

I said yes. An easy yes.

Why yes? Because I’ve learned over the years to trust my gut. I know that not doing so can lead to dire consequences. For me at least. There was a time in the past when I never trusted my gut, never listened to that inner voice because I didn’t trust its authority. I always assumed others knew best - others more knowledgeable, more authoritative, more credentialed. I paid the price of denying my inner authority, and I suffered for it.

This time, I just knew. There was no internal conflict. No arguing with myself. None of the “but this isn’t what you’ve been working toward for the past 2 years!” No wondering whether I was just being non-committal.

I just knew.

I’m grateful that when inspiration comes my way, whether its my vision or someone else’s, I can respond wholeheartedly. I can see the opportunity for what it is and give myself to it. No need to complicate things by conjuring unnecessary grappling.

I can just say yes. And be grateful.

How about you? Do you find yourself dwelling in indecision? Is fear and anxiety the first thing that arises when an unexpected opportunity presents itself? Are you forever doubting yourself? Questioning the opportunity? Do you barrage yourself with arguments, pros and cons, talking yourself into and out of various choices and going around in circles as a result?

Or do you listen to that inner voice? That inner authority who just knows? Simply. Clearly.

The next time something wondrous comes your way, just know it for what it is. And say yes.


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