Putting Yourself Out There

Whenever you create something, you risk the vulnerability of exposure. What will they think? Do I look foolish? Who will they think I am? Who do I think I am? A flurry of self-doubt and anxiety arise with the prospect of sharing your creation.

This can be enough to stop us in our tracks. Better to remain safe than sorry.

I’m feeling this way right now. In building my new online business, The More Creative Therapist, I just created a free online mini-course to share with whoever might be interested. It's called More Creative in 5 Days (how's that for audacious?). I’m announcing sign-ups this week, and you know what? I feel scared! You know all those self-doubt questions I mentioned above? They’re running through my head right now!

Something about self-exposure makes you (among many things) a magnet for the strong feelings of others. We can never fully anticipate what our own creations will bring up. I got some negative feedback a while ago about a free offering on my website (since removed). Of course, criticisms will always come, but I was surprised by the speed and single-mindedness of this person’s feedback.

Ouch! Months later it still stings. (Though less.)

But I’m glad it hasn’t stopped me from making. And I’m grateful there’s so much pleasure in the making. The effort itself carries me through. I loved making this mini-course. It challenged me in so many ways: thinking things through, tinkering, learning all these new digital tools, troubleshooting, learning to get comfortable on video (yes, agony). I know I did my best and gave it my all. And I had fun doing it.

But that was the first step. Now comes the next: sharing it with you.

I’m curious to know what you’ll think (that's the sign-up page above, which you can reach from my homepage), and I welcome feedback. But remember, I just put myself out there. Be gentle if you can.


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