Putting Yourself Out There

I did my first Facebook live yesterday. Wow! It was as terrifying as everyone says. Especially for someone like me, not especially interested in mediated exposure, an introvert at heart. Still, when you’re growing a brand new business and an online community, the willingness to make yourself known through writing and images in the form of posts - whether on a blog like this or social media platforms - is a must.

It was an extemporaneous ramble in the form of a Facebook group “open house” that turned out to be just me, my iPhone camera, and a few visitors. Fortunately, my new business offering is on creativity, and the subject of fear naturally came up. Isn’t that one of the biggest creative hurdles? I was able to share my own anxieties openly. I was in feel-the-fear-and-do-it-anyway mode. It was so helpful to just admit it. And keep going. On camera no less. Live.

Creativity opens us to vulnerability. Putting ourselves out there is tough. It’s hard to admit how much we care about what we’re trying to do, what we’re trying create - the thing that matters so very much to us, that’s inspired so much dedication and commitment. The possibility that no one else will be interested is daunting. I brought that anxiety to yesterday’s event: what if I gave a Facebook live and nobody came?

Whether none, many, or one, you go ahead anyway.

Because what matters is the quality of your effort. Bringing yourself completely. Giving yourself completely. I think the effect of that is felt somehow, somewhere. And my faith in that allows me to proceed. Anyway.

Because when you give yourself completely, there’s no one left to be afraid.

So the next time you find yourself facing the fear of creative exposure and vunerability, don't back away. Get closer. Dive deeper. Give yourself to the work. Give yourself away.


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