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Do any of them sound like you?

If you're a therapist, counselor, coach, or other helping professional, maybe you’re feeling a little restless, wondering what’s next.


I just got my degree and I've started my first job (outside my internships). My idealism is fading fast, and I'm already feeling a little burned out. Private practice maybe?


I've been in the field a long time. I'm confident, maybe a little too set in my ways. That's what happens when you're an expert, right? They tell me I could use a change.

Creative, but...

I've always been creative through and through, but it's hard to get my projects done, at work and at home. I never seem to finish what I start. People tell me creative chaos is my style!


As a supervisor I have a lot to juggle, lots of problems to solve. Who's got time for creativity when you've got programs to run? Sounds fun, but impractical, to be honest. (A little scary, too!)

How can creativity help?

Creativity ignites your ability to problem solve, explore, invent, and have fun, in sessions and out. You'll grow more comfortable with all those challenges that usually get in the way, replacing them with playful exploration and discovery. Whether in your practice or your everyday life, creativity helps you take inspired action.

Creative Thinking

Use design thinking to generate inspired ideas, gather research, and refine your strategies toward proposed solutions. Help your clients think more creatively, too.


Creative Feeling

Feel your way through creative blocks. Work your way through the barriers of fear, judgement, and failure. Learn to fail fast and often toward creative solutions.


Creative Doing

Take action. Get results. Make simple things that embody your newfound creativity. Learn practical tools for planning and seeing things through.

I’m Loretta. Let’s work together.

I’m Loretta Staples, therapist and coach. I work with helping professionals who want to increase engagement, decrease burnout, and bring an enhanced skillset to their professional practice and personal lives through creativity. Creativity extends beyond the expressive arts to include easy-to-learn, practical skills that deepen your experience of the everyday.

Online Course

My self-paced, signature course builds practical skills for creative problem solving, dealing with creative blocks, and making your ideas real. In sessions and out, you'll bring a fresh perspective to what you do. A private Facebook group connects you with other students and me.

Online Course

Online Coaching

I’m available for online individual and group coaching, and custom online workshops. Whether you’re looking for personal support, team building, or customized training, we’ll craft a learning journey that’s playful, adventuresome, and fun.

Online Coaching


Join my free Facebook group to meet kindred spirits like you, creative helpers interested in sharing, exploring, and applying creativity in new ways. Give and get creative support and inspiration, and help build a like-minded community.

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About Me

Hello! I’m Loretta Staples, licensed clinical social worker and founder of The More Creative Therapist. With a background in art, design, education, and management, I draw from a diverse portfolio of skills and life experiences.

Before becoming a therapist, I taught at Parsons School of Design and the University of Michigan, founded a pioneering digital design studio in San Francisco, and consulted for Apple and Paramount. And way before all that, I was a professional typist for an insurance company!

I'm comfortable working in a variety of settings with people from all walks of life, bringing creativity, acceptance, ease, and humor to our work together.

Quick Reads on Creative Practice

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A New Direction

Design Lessons


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